“We worked with Izzy on several projects from website and Amazon copywriting to user manual proofreading and editing and she is an exceptional copywriter. She offers a unique combination of great writing skills, creativity and deep understanding of the chosen topic. Izzy also goes much further and often brings new ideas to the table, enhancing not only the writing itself but also an overall product communication and philosophy.”
Martin Palsovic, Aniball

“It has been a pleasure to work with Izzy. Her consideration for ideas, her thoughtful attention to detail and her way with words all bring ideas to life in a wonderful way.”
Andrew Keaveney, Art of Living Retreat Center

“Izzy is a very gifted writer who can turn things around quickly. She’s accommodating, efficient and has a fabulous work ethic. Her knowledge of marketing trends and SEO combined with her background in yoga and meditation mean that her writing and editing is both effective and authentic. Izzy is generous with her ideas and insight – I don’t know where I’d be without her valuable contribution to my business.”
Chetana Meehan, Yoga for the Soul Retreats 

“Having Izzy on my team of writers over the last year has been a real joy. 

Izzy intuitively understands how to write for my audience of young women, while simultaneously incorporating search friendly elements in a natural way such as keyword rich subheadings. She has consistently followed the brief and has provided me with well researched, accurately sourced and factually trustworthy articles. All factors that are essential when writing in a health niche. 

I asked for clear and concise writing that makes complex health subjects easy to understand and that is exactly what I receive. Izzy has also surprised me by incorporating helpful additions within her articles such as links to related pages on the site. This saves me time and anyone that can do that for me is an absolute star in my book. I joke with Izzy about the fact that I rarely have to edit her work. This is another time saver because I can publish her articles “as is” straight onto my website. That is a rarity in my experience of working with other freelance writers.

Izzy is a talented, intuitive and reliable writer who always delivers on time and she will be an asset to any company that she works for.” Susana Serer, Pregged

“Izzy is professional and easy to work with. I approached her when my team was in need of a new writer for weekly articles for a beauty industry blog and we haven’t looked back. She picked up the tone of the project easily and deftly works through the data we send her to create unique, insightful pieces that are perfect for our audience.”
Richard McKeon, Creative Marketing Strategist

“As the owner of a publishing business, finding reliable writers who consistently produce amazing (and well-written) content can seriously keep me up at night. Missed deadlines, poor writing, and hundreds of grammatical errors can cause an avalanche of stress. That’s why working with Izzy for the past 2 years has been a real pleasure! She’s not only super reliable, but I can tell that she puts her best into every piece of content she writes. She really excels at taking complex topics and custom tailoring them to any type of audience, from beginner to advanced. Izzy has a masterful command of the English language and her wide breadth of knowledge on all things meditation related just happens to be the cherry on top. Izzy has helped me take my business to a level that readers (and listeners) really connect to. If you do business at all in the meditation, mindfulness, or yoga industries, working with Izzy is a no-brainer!”
John R., small business owner